CONLL1 Amish Diamond in the Square

80 x 80 inches
Lancaster County, PA

This is a quintessential Lancaster County Amish Quilt. When you ask any lover of Amish quilts what is the quilt they must own, most will say A Diamond in a Square. This early rendition has been created from wool crepe and always from their specific clothing colors. Amish quilts are machine pieced and then exquisitely hand quilted. This piece is no exception. The backing is a late 19th century stripe. It’s acceptable for a stripe to be on the back of the quilt but never on the front as that would look pretentious and not a fabric they would wear. The outside binding is the typical 1” width, the next border is 11-1/2” and quilted with wreaths and stars. The inner border is 4-3/4” in width. The outer block is rich purplish blue, followed by rose, magenta and slate blue. The inner corner triangles are quilted with vines of grapes and tulips. The inner most border is quilted in a modified herringbone and pinwheel. The center diamond in a square has an 7 pointed star, triple line quilted and surrounded by a beautifully quilted wreath. Each corner has a quilted design 6 pointed star. This sophisticated and naturally simple Amish quilt is a major piece of art for your wall or will fit a queen size bed. Ready to send on approval. Please remember that colors aren’t exact when seen on your computer.