CONLL4 Lancaster County Amish Nine Patch Quilt

72 x 72 inches
Lancaster County, PA

We are aware that color combinations from the Amish quilts are unique to the Amish since they’re from the limited scope of the colors of their clothing. Comprised of both wool and cotton, this 9 Patch Quilt design is taken to another level due to the 4 corner blocks on the outer and inner borders...only found on Lancaster Amish quilts.. The typical 1” wide binding is an olive green wool which is also used in the creation of the 9 patch blocks. The outer border measures 10-1/2” in width and has a very Lancaster County floral wreath design quilted in all the blue sections. The corner blocks are quilted in a bouquet design held with ribbon. The next border measures 4” in width and quilted the same the way. Each of the 4 corner squares in the inner border are quilted with the same floral design. The main body of the 9 patch has been quilted in a 1-3/8” cross hatch pattern. All piecing has been done by machine and the entire quilt is hand quilted with small even stitches. The backing is a solid pumpkin colored cotton....the Amish could use fabrics different from their clothing for the backs of their quilts. The rust and lavender fabrics are cotton and all the green fabric is wool. Quilts are always sent on approval..