CONLL5 An Unusual Geometric Abstract Design Quilt
30 x 37 inches

This is an unusual little wool quilt with unusual colors.. A combination of a variation of Diamond in a square and a Pinwheel. We have a very deep fuchsia, a deep teal and a rich golden rust combining to create an unusual piece of art. The backing is the same rich golden rust wool and a grassy green cotton.

The squares have sides measuring 3-1/2", the diamonds are 2-3/4" wide and 6-3/4" long, the triangles are 3" at base with 4" sides.

All pieces are outline quilted by hand, while the piecing is done with a treadle machine.

A small size makes this quilt perfect to fit into a hard to decorate space or as graphic table art.

I am happy to give more information and send with free shipping for your approval.

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