CONLT Miniature Victorian Crazy Quilt
81 x 84 inches, with 51" wide tail
New Hampshire

I have always guaranteed my antique quilts for authenticity and condition. Last month I sold a quilt that was not perfect, but, too spectacular not to offer for sale. Here is another antique that is historically important, yet at this time not perfect. (My company is able to restore with the same date matching fabric :-) Found in Massachusetts. My question is how did it arrive on the North Shore of Massachusetts? I have done research on the families ..These families are to be found on line..some with pictures and some even with pictures of the grave stone markers.

A Mariner's Compass quilt is very difficult to find, yet in demand by collectors. This quilt is on a totally different level...even with pieces that can be restored. There are 9 circular Mariner's blocks. Each block has a family genealogy with parents, date of marriage and their children with all applicable dates. The earliest date I found is 1768...the newest date is 1850. Most family members were from New Hampshire with some from Vermont. In addition to the genealogy, the Folk Art India Ink drawings, along with the genealogy, are an artistic treasure that I have not previously seen on a New Hampshire piece. Something else that I have never seen in 36 years of selling antique quilts is the circular bottom corners for the "tail" cutout...A very sophisticated addition to this completely hand executed treasure.

The circular block is 17" in diameter. The compass points measure 5" x 5" x 2-1/2". The center circle with the India ink hand written genealogy measures 5-1/2" in diameter. The squared off block measures ..a little under...17" X 17". Organically hand washed ..

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