CONMC1 Extended Nine Patch Quilt

62 x 74 inches

Quilts come in all sizes and shapes...however, this one was created for a twin or single size bed in all different depression era pastels...greens, blues, yellows, pinks, etc. ...I'll bet for a little girl. Today we also use this size as a throw for a bed or couch... a summer wicker couch throw sounds like a wonderful idea...
Circular patterns are the most difficult to execute. These blocks are circular not square or rectangular! I have over 700 quilts in my shop and I could not find more that five or six with a circular block formation.
Oklahoma really suffered during the depression. This sewer had geometric skills that took her work to a higher level. Probably graphically created from the pieces left over from making clothes. There is a wonderful array of calicoes from that era displayed here... even some conversation prints!
Each circular block measures 15" in diameter....with the center 2-1/2" square and the corner pieces measuring 6-1/4" tip to tip.....The extended Nine Patch is one of the earliest patterns to be printed for widespread use....This is the only one here with a rare circular block formation.
Organically hand washed by Betsey and ready to be sent for your at home approval...In this condition I wonder if this happy little quilt was ever used?