CONMM1 Miniature Bow Tie Quilt

74 x 84 inches
MaCouplin, IL
$Call for Price

Wow!!! Over one thousand fifty four miniature bow ties. Can you imagine the patience required, working to create 2-3/8"bow tie squares over a thousand times?! One part that was good was that the creator could take the pieces with her and work on them while she was visiting at another home. I'll admit I haven't counted the different fabric patterns. Still on another level if you are a lover of fabrics from this era, you will love this quilt!

Completely hand pieced, each miniature 2-3/8" bow...All of the bows, except for those in the two outer rows, are outline quilted. The outer rows ...The quilting stitches are the same, but the quilted patterns are different, though I do not have a clue why the quilter chose this. The backing of the quilt is a whole cloth in a wonderful peach color. The separate hand applied 3/8" binding is of the same fabric. The center of the bow is 3/4" by 3/4", letting you know how small these bows are.

This amazing textile will fit a double or a queen bed, or will make a happy, happy piece of art for your wall. This is a mint quilt, meaning it was never used and never washed. Some people like to collect mint quilts, so I have left it unwashed. However, if you would like it washed, I will do so at no extra cost.

Ready to be shipped to your home, with free shipping, for your at home approval.