CONMM1A Rare Embellished Silk Log Cabin Quilt

66 x 66 inches
New Hampshire
$Call for Price

WOW!! I have never seen a quilt like this in 36 years!! Well, actually I sold this quilt 10 years ago. Many of my clients are downsizing and as a result some amazing quilts are back for sale. Originally this quilt was a gift from a very prominent family in New Hampshire to a beloved caretaker, and then was passed down through the generations.

Comprised of 64 7-1/2" blocks made up of silk strips and ribbons 5/8" to 3/4" in width. Every strip is embellished with over the top designs using silk embroidery threads. There are dozens and dozens of different design embroidery stitching. The mark of excellence for a Victorian Crazy Quilt is 100 different stitches. The embroidery on this quilt is so far over the top of any quilt I have ever seen. There must be hundreds of different embroidery stitches seen here. No question that this is a one of a kind original silk Log Cabin. Even the 2" center chimneys are embellished...many with Japanese Fans..a prominent symbol on Victorian Crazy Quilts. There are ribbons with American Flags ...Patriotism was very important.

The entire Silk Log Cabin quilt is surrounded with a 3" silk border and backed with a beautiful red Paisley design, in cotton.

Provenance will be provided upon the sale.

This one of a kind masterpiece can be sent to you, with free shipping, for your approval.