CONMM4 Chintz Star of Bethlehem Quilt

90 x 96 inches

An almost 200 year old amazing fully glazed Chintz quilt! Quilts are a study of history and sociology as well as the masterful sewing skills required to perfectly create such a masterpiece. Created before the sewing machine was in public use, this quilt is completely hand pieced and quilted. Another clue to the date is the linen backing as seen in the backings of pre 1860 exceptional quilts. This very sophisticated textile had to have been designed and created by an affluent woman. At that time we women were the property of our fathers and husbands. A prominent family would boast about their daughter's of which was her needlework. Her talents were part of the marketing of her fathers job: finding a perfect match for his daughter.

Fabrics were extremely expensive and available only to the affluent. The 6 inch, hand painted block print border is the exquisite edging to the beige print fabric. The prominent colors are beige, browns and reds. The fabrics are mostly block prints and copper plate prints. The coloring is all vegetable based with a wonderful early Turkey Red fabric. There are exquisite Paisleys and Calicoes.

The hand painted block print border's main colors are red, teal, pink and a light gold. The 1/4" separately applied binding has been Fussy Cut to show a tiny brown calico on a beige backing. The diamonds have 2-1/4"sides. The center star is comprised of 6 diamonds. All diamonds radiate out from there.

A very sophisticated early quilt ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.