CONMM5 19th Century Barn Raising Log Cabin Quilt

82 x 82 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Finding a 19th century Amish quilt is a real treasure. The Amish always used solid color fabrics..their clothing create their magnificent, distinctive design quilts. The backing of their quilts can be anything they liked, solid, print, plaid, etc.. The backing of this quilt predates the textile and is early wonderful brown small design. The Barn Raising design is one that the Amish are most known for. This example is created from wool Challis with an earlier medium brown small calico design.

This very early Amish quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted. Twentieth Century Amish quilts are treadle machine pieced and hand quilted. It appears that this quilt was hardly used. There is slight wear on the 3/8" tape binding and some fade in one corner of the blue. Other than that the quilt is perfect and at least 170 years old!

The colors used are black, medium brown, tan and sea blue. There is a quadruple border consisting of 1-1/2" strips in each of the 4 colors. Width of the "logs" is 3/4". The tape binding is the medium color brown. The creativity of Amish quilts is very distinctive...bold, graphic and sophisticated and always only in solid color fabrics...fabrics that were the same as their clothing which varied with different Amish communities.

I am happy to send this quilt, on approval, with free shipping.