CONMM6 Six Pointed Star Tumbling Blocks Quilt

72 x 84 inches
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

An original textile art design created in a quilt made from wool challis. Premier quilters act as designers and mathematicians as well as doing expert needle work. This quilt is almost 150 years old yet looks modern in design. The unused condition only adds to the quality of the textile. Can you imagine crating this while using only candle light or that from kerosene lanterns? If this was an oil painting the cost would be at least in the many tens of thousands and many times would be the work of a man. Yes, woman's work is still undervalued today.

Completely hand pieced and hand quilted with a 1/4" hand finished binding turned from the back to the front. Each hexagon has 4" sides while the diamonds in the star have 2" sides. The quilting is mostly outline quilting with diagonal line quilting in the solid black hexagons. The backing is an unbelievably gorgeous paisley that I am not showing as I do not think the design has ever been reproduced.

So modern in visual appeal yet almost 150 years old and in perfect unused condition. The picture tells it all...

I am happy for the quilt to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.