CONMM7 Delectable Mountains Quilt

91 x 91 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Name of maker available after sale

A true mint condition collector's quilt. A mint quilt is one that has never been used and never washed. In addition to the condition of this quilt are two facts...One is that coming from the family we have the name and date of this quilt, while the other is the amazing array of fabrics dating from 1780 to the 1830's. We have hand painted block prints, roller prints, copper plate prints and a whole-cloth backing with a print I have never seen. We have early Turkey Red fabrics that took 18 to 20 steps to create...a task not to be duplicated today. All colors are vegetable dyed and all fabrics were very, very expensive. This fact leads us to the understanding that this quilt was made by a woman of means...There were people who could possibly build a house for the cost of these fabrics. You could build a house for $100 while this fabric could be as much as $12 a yard which would only measure 12 to 18 inches selvedge to selvedge.

Blocks measure 9" square. The design is made up of the center triangle measuring 5-1/4" X 5-1/4" X 8". The smaller triangles measure 2" X 2" X 2-1/2". Obviously this was all hand pieced and quilted as the sewing machine was not yet in public use. The 4" very sophisticated block print border was then hand painted. The edge of this quilt is pillow-cased with a very tiny running stitch using linen thread. The backing is one exquisite print in beige and browns...

A visual masterpiece for a discriminating collector. The maker's name provided upon sale. I am happy to send, with free shipping for your approval.