CONMM8 Double Four Square Amish Bars Quilt

78 x 80 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

It appears that this mint condition example of an antique Amish quilt was never used...or possibly only for Sunday Best, but not for use as an every night bed quilt. A double Four Corner Blocks Amish quilt is their premier symbol of their amazing history of quilt making. The Amish never used printed fabrics on the front of their quilts. The fabrics used were that of their clothing also always solid color fabrics. Using wonderful fabrics such as this expensive wool challis, to create artistic master pieces in cloth.

The bars measure 3-1//2" to 3-3/4" in width, the small joining blocks are 4" X 4" with 2 of the outside wide border measures 13" with the outer inch being the typical Lancaster Amish 20th century separately applied binding. The innermost border measures 4 inches joining the innermost joining squares. The opposite borders measure almost 14" in width with the outside the 1" binding. The large four squares sides measure 13-1/2 inches. The backing is a heavier cotton in a light green.

The outside border is filled with a beautiful quilted leaf design. The inner border is quilted in a design that is best described as a double line square on point filled with a floral pattern. The bars are quilted in a crosshatch 1" straight line design. Where the backing is a light fabric and the thread used for quilting is dark, one can easily see the exquisite quilting on the back in addition to seeing the exquisite quilting on the front.

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