CONMM9 Amish Triple Corner Diamond in a Square Quilt

77 x 77 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A Triple Square Diamond in a Square! These are so rare and this one is in mint condition. We always have trouble getting Amish quilt colors exactly right...The colors in his quilt are: Deep red, purple, gray, hunter green, and chartreuse. One reason why I always send quilts on approval is due to colors. Different computers are set different ways resulting in colors that do not show up correctly. In the case of Amish quilts created from wool challis this is even more pronounced. Other quilts are correct in their colors on my end..however Amish wool challis colors are a problem on this end.

The outside purple strips measure 14" in width including the 1-1/4" hunter green separately applied binding. Large corner blocks measures apx. 12-3/4". The next strip is gray and measures 3-3/4" in width with the corner squares measuring 3-1/2". The large hunter green triangles measure 21" x 21" x 29". The inner most strips measure 3-3/8", while their corner blocks in chartreuse have sides measuring 3-1/8" . The large Center Square on point measures 22 inches and is in the same deep red as the outside corner blocks. The backing of this quilt is an earlier blue on gray wave pattern.

By this time piecing was usually executed with a treadle sewing machine. While at the same time Amish women accomplished the most exquisite quilting designs. Here we have an exquisite meandering wreath design in the outermost borders, a meandering grape vine with grapes on both gray borders, a wreath design in the center deep red square on point and a beautifully quilted 6 pointed star in the center. Even more quilting than described.

This rare, graphic quilt may be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.