CONNC1 Indigo Summer/Winter Woven Coverlet

88 x 100 inches

An antique woven summer/winter coverlet of this size will fit today's queen or king size bed. Woven on a huge loom which has resulted in a seamless woven coverlet. This artistic masterpiece was created using natural color heavy linen thread and Indigo dyed woolen yarn. Coming directly from the family and possibly woven on their property. Itinerant weavers traveled from home to home, living on their property, weaving for affluent families. True Indigo dye is one of only two dyes that are fade resistant.

We have here an outer border on all sides. The Two sides are 4" while the bottom and top measure 4" for the border. The top and bottom borders have woven onto the design the date of 1857. Seen in the four corners are regal peacocks with 19" tails. The inside circular design measures 40" in width. The outer center medallion is 54" while the inner most center medallion measures 18".

Designs include regal peacocks, water lilies or lotus, vines and an unusual center medallion. The weaving is overall complicated, sophisticated and visually exquisite.