CONNC2 Sunburst Quilt

80 x 96 inches
Massachusetts, with provenance

Diamonds and Circles are among the most difficult to piece. This textile artist has taken the "Sunburst" pattern quilt to an extreme level. By this I mean, not only is her piecing perfect, but her quilting is some of the finest you will see.

By the age of this quilt we know that all the work has been executed by hand. The areas between the 20 Sunbursts are double line quilted. This is a style of quilting indicative of the 1840's. All triangles are outline quilted while almost all of the rest of those blocks are stippled! The quilter only used two overdyed calico for the triangles and white for the rest of her exquisite textile.

The sides of each triangle measure 1-1/2", with the circumference of the Sunburst Circle measuring 11-3/4". The edge is pillowcased and edge stitched and again 1/4" in with a running stitch emulating a binding.

What amazing work this woman, who must have been from an affluent family, executed...either by whale oil lamps or kerosene lamps. Can you imagine? Women of this status in life would have had their needlework as one of their positive assets. It is hard to imagine that women were the property of their Fathers and husbands. Proficient sewing skills were one of affluent woman's needed "marketable" skills for a "proper" marriage.

This lovingly used amazing quilt is now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.