CONNC3 Signed and Dated Summer/Winter Coverlet

Signed and Dated 1857
86 x 90 inches
New Hampshire or Massachusetts

Perfectly executed on a large loom, this one piece Summer/Winter coverlet is a signed and dated masterpiece. The name is not that of the maker, but the name of the person for whom the work was commissioned.

The intricacy of this coverlet is amazing. The outside border that measures 10" is adorned with woven peacocks with olive branches, trees and a canopy overhead. Also woven are a pair of much beloved pet dogs. The entire coverlet is crammed full of vine and flower embellishments. It appears that this coverlet was hardly used or not used at all. Coverlets such as this one were how we kept warm on our cold winter nights in the Northeast. Due to the fact that everything was washed by hand, and rarely, pieces such as these had a much longer life.

The edges are finished with tiny overcast stitches. Red wool yarn and lined homespun thread were used in the construction. Itinerant weavers would spend weeks at the homes of affluent families creating these masterpieces. We have three that have come from one family. The provenance will be given upon the purchase.

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