CONNC4 Overshot Patriotic Coverlet

84 x 92 inches

Today Patriotism is so important and always has been, since before we were able to win our freedom from England. This magnificent complicated patterned coverlet is a wonderful example of how we incorporated the love of our country into our treasured textiles. This coverlet is filled with symbolism...We have our American symbol of freedom -- the Eagle holding arrows -- all around the coverlet. Incorporated into this coverlet we have Stags, we have doves for peace, sparrows, vines, urns with flowers, leaves totally embellished circling the entire perimiter. We have Pagodas symbolizing China, which we loved and collected their pottery, dishes and decorative objects.

Woven on a huge loom, this one piece coverlet was woven from red woolen yarn and natural color Linen fiber. Amazing weaving and indeed an exquisite attention grabber.

There are a very, very few tiny moth holes which one has to search for. Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping.