CONND1 Appliqued Snowflakes Quilt
77 x 94 inches
New York

For years I have looked for this pattern to no avail. Well...Now I have a perfect example of this very difficult to execute pattern. Points, circles and curves are some of the most difficult to execute in piecing or applicating any quilt pattern. The 15-1/2" light blue border is pieced, by hand, to the inner white body of the quilt. Other than this and a separately applied 3/8" binding, all work was also appliqued by hand with almost invisible stitches. Each appliqued piece is outline quilted. The blue border is quilted, with perfectly even stitches, in crosshatched horizontal lines 1-1/4" apart. The main body of this quilt shows multiple quilting designs including 4 leaf clovers and a circular design I have never before seen.

Each snowflake, in a seafoam blue, is approximately 13-1/2" wide. The diamonds, point to point, measure 4-1/2" with the center circle measuring 1-3/8" in diameter. The pattern is not only perfectly executed, but emulates such happiness and joy....something the world needs more of.

Organically hand washed, this quilt is ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your final approval.