CONND2 Tree of Life Quilt
80 x 94 inches

In some cases quilt patterns can give us an insight to the quilter. My feeling is that this woman loved life as well as being a superb designer, applicator and quilter. The applique stitches are almost invisible....perfect and tiny. Antique quilts applique thread usually matched the color of the fabric. With careful inspection one can see that the thread of some trees is a dark yellow, which would have matched the color of some birds and 4 trees. The other trees would also have been darker matching the fabric's original color. This helps date the quilt. World War 1 American dyes were other words they did not hold their color. As a piece of quilted art this quilt is stunning, happy, creative and perfectly executed.

There are 4 Trees of Life, two on opposite sides with a potted plant on each of the two other sides. We have happily flying birds, cherry trees, even an embroidered bee.

The 10" border is a meandering vine with cherries and leaves with a 3/4" meandering vine winding around the quilt. There is straight line quilting on all sides. There is a center circular medallion which to me resembles a bird bath with birds happily flying about. The main body of the quilt is quilted in such a way that the design looks like rays of sun. What a happy piece!

A wholecloth off white backing showing beautiful quilting has enabled this quilt to actually be reversible.

A perfect fit for a queen size bed, and will more than cover the top of a king size bed.

Organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your final approval.