CONND3 Original Center Medallion Doll Crazy Quilt
11 x 11 inches
New England

What a treasure is this little child's silk doll quilt. The little quilt is in its original, very loved, condition. The only exception is the restored binding as the, same color silk, was in shreds! As a rule all of my quilts are in perfect condition. This is an exception as I feel the wear is character of a very loved little doll quilt. Little antique doll quilts can be a passion to collect. Easy to display due to their diminutive size.

A replica of a Center Medallion quilt has been lovingly recreated in the form of a doll's quilt. The center medallion quilt has the prominent center, sides measuring 1-5/8" and here embellished with the letter "T". Was this the initial of her first or last name? From here the pattern goes out in waves. First a Log Cabin design with 1/2" wide Logs. Triangles measuring approximately 1-7/8" x 1-7/8" X 1" are pieced for the next row. Created during the passion for Crazy Quilts, the maker outlined each piece with beautiful embellishing stitching.

With these fabrics I feel that this is a treasured little quilt that must have come from an affluent family.

This quilt can be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.