CONND3A Victorian Crazy Quilt
54 x 60 inches
New York

On a scale of 1 to 10...this Crazy quilt gets a 20!! By this I mean that this perfect condition quilt is one of the finest examples of an 1885 Crazy Quilt that I have ever seen!

Comprised of 20....11" blocks of the most creative and embellished design work that I have ever seen! The love of the artistic creation of the Crazy Quilt started with the World's Fair exhibit of Japanese Screens....the heyday of these quilts is 1885; here is such an artistic masterpiece.

There are fans in each corner, a well cherished symbol of Japan. However, the designs and embellishments are not what one normally sees on these quilts. Let us start with the amazing heavily embellished 4 corner fans! All embroidery work is over the top. I believe that all the work was accomplished by one very talented and wealthy woman. Quilts are also a study of sociology and history as well as that of women's talents and creativity. The mark of expertise with Crazy quilts is 100 different stitches...this quilt is way, way over that level. We have all the symbols of the Victorian era...animals, plants, children, etc. A pansy that looks so real, an exquisite butterfly with the same level of embellishment for a bird and so much more. One can look at this quilt for hours, as I have done, and still see somthing not seen before. Outlining of different pieces is sometimes stitched with real gold metallic thread. We have an exquisite array of silk velvet, tapestry fabrics, exquisite silks and embellishment "over the top".

The border is that of 5" silk "tab" points that are also exquisitely embellished with a untold number of complicated embroidery designs. There is a large ribbon with "Merry Christmas", children waiting for Santa in front of a decorated fireplace. Could this have been a Christmas gift? Wow..what a present. There is just too much here to describe...please call or email and I am happy to stand in front of the piece and describe it more fully ..or...I am happy to send with free shipping...for your final approval of this museum quality art.