CONRA1 Snowball and Nine Patch or Flagstones Quilt

85 x 93 inches
New York?

Original design quilts and quilts that are a combination of patterns are not only captivating and intriguing to look at but are also part of my favorites list. On top of this is the fact that the quilt is blue and white ...a most sought after color combination. Even though this quilt has a specific name I see three different patterns in the main body of the quilt. The patterns I see are the snowball, the nine patch, and the Irish chain. The combination of these patterns has created an optical illusion effect.

In addition to the main body, we have a double border. The first border is 3-1/2" wide with a 3/4" blue strip on the inside and the outside of the border, then a 1-1/4" strip encircling the main body of the quilt. The outside border measures 8-1/2" with a 3" separately applied blue binding. The entire white outside border has been perfectly executed with an entwined rope design quilting. In the main body of the quilt, the snowballs have a floral motif quilted in the center. Every other piece is quilted in an X pattern. In addition, the central snowball pattern is outline quilted. This entire quilt is beautifully quilted in a matching tone of blue thread. For a quilter to use a contrasting color of quilting thread, she has to be a proficient quilter.

The crowning glory of this quilt is the fact that it will perfectly fit a queen sized bed with 16" over each side. One could also use it on a king sized bed, however the overhang would be only 6" on each side.

In perfect condition and now organically hand washed, this wonderful antique quilt is ready to be sent for your in home approval.