CONRL2 Victorian Center Medallion silk cigar ribbon miniature Quilt

c. 1885
27 x 27 inches

What a wonderful piece of textile art, in perfect condition, is this center medallion Victorian silk cigar ribbon quilt. Created in Massachusetts, each ribbon is highlighted with the name of the cigar manufacturer. We have Bostonia, Harvard, the Jefferson, Boston Arion, Winthrop Pony, and many more. This little quilt will appeal to collectors of many genre including Massachusetts memorabilia, cigar memorabilia, Victorian silk memorabilia, and those who want a wonderful miniature quilt as a piece of art. Silk quilts were never made to be used; Victorian women created them as embellishments for their homes.

During the 1880s most men smoked cigars. At that time clusters of cigars came wrapped in silk ribbons highlighted with the name of the cigar factory. The primary colors of these ribbons were orange, yellow, and white. As these ribbons were in long strips they were the perfect configuration to create log cabin patterns. This little quilt is a step above for two reasons: one, it is finished with a 3 inch brown velvet border and two, it has as a focal point center medallion design. The backing is an 1870's black and white stripe/calico.

This little quilt is in perfect condition, and ready to be hung in your home or used as a decorative centerpiece for your table. I am happy to send this quilt on approval.