Q9260 Amish Optical Illusion Kaleidoscope Quilt

47 x 78 inches
HOlmes County, Ohio

What a happy, very graphic Amish quilt. Amish quilts are very graphic. However, this quilt goes a step beyond. The pattern, which is an optical illusion, showing motion, has me picturing a very happy woman creating her quilt. The rich colors of their clothing come together to create a wonderful piece of art either for a bed or a wall. Take note: the youth size lends this art piece to be a perfect size needed for wall art.

The outer triple border measures approximately 9-3/4". Making up this border is an outer black border of approximately 6-3/8", a middle border of a rich medium blue measuring approximately 1-3/8", and an inner black border measuring approximately 1-3/8". The approximately 1/2" binding of the same rich medium blue finishes the quilt. There is outline quilting, shell quilting, rope design quilting, and straight line quilting. The backing is a wholecloth in a rich deep teal not used on the front. All fabrics are cotton.

Appearing to be in mint condition, one wonders if this quilt was just too special to be used.

Ready to be sent for your in home approval, with free shipping.