CONSK1 Amish Optical Illusion Kaleidoscope Quilt

47 x 78 inches
HOlmes County, Ohio

Unusual Amish designs are not at all common. Here we have a very modern looking unused optical illusion Kaleidoscope quilt. The size is that of a child's bed or what is also called "a hired man's" quilt. Either one would be narrower than a normal twin size bed. The size also makes it perfect for wall art where you might not have a large wall area available.

The colors of this quilt remind me of gemstones, with the backing fabric being an Emerald Green solid fabric. Most of the geometric pieces are outline quilted.

A double border measuring 7-3/4'....the outside border measures 6" with the inner border a narrow 1-1/4". We have a 3/8" separately applied binding finished by hand. As with all Amish quilts, this one is pieced by machine then quilted by hand. Chain quilting design filled with scallop design, diagonal quilting and echo quilting.

The fact always amazes me as how modern Amish quilt designs look. These quilts look as spectacular in a modern chrome and glass home as they do in an 18th Century post and beam abode.

Whether for art on your wall or a throw on a bed or couch, I will send, with free shipping, for your final approval. No one is expected to purchase from a picture!