CONSS2 Signature Block with George Washington Commemorative Fabric Quilt
88 x 90 inches
Massachusetts; family name upon purchase

This is one of the very few quilts that I know was created by a Jewish woman. In that era we can assume it was a woman creating this Washington commemorative quilt.

A signature Block is an early block pattern. Usually there are signatures in the center of each block. This quilt displays 5 of the centers in George Washington commemorative fabrics printed during and directly prior to the U.S. centennial celebration.

Blocks measuring 9" square are joined with 2-1/4" strips of a very minuscule green and white check. The center of each block is a 3" square...of these, 5 are of President Washington. The balance centers are the same pattern as used for the triangles of each block. The triangles measure 4-1/2" X 3-1/4 " X 3-1/4", the other pieces measure 3" x 3-1/4" x 3" on each side of the piece. All work is executed by hand. One exception is the 1/4" red twill fabric binding, machine added and closed by hand. A very thin batting is used as the filler, making this a quilt you can use year round. In the summer as is, in the winter over a down comforter or other blanket.

The quilting, which is not seen on a quilt of all printed fabrics, is diagonal, horizontal and vertical and not the main attribute of this mint condition quilt.

I am happy to send, with free shipping, this commemorative quilt for your approval.

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