CONTC7 Blazing Star Quilt

107 x 107 inches
New York

A Blazing Star Chintz quilt that can rank among the most exquisite 200 year old American quilts. The Chintz fabrics used were fabrics for only the wealthiest women to acquire. After the Revolutionary War, women's fashion designs changed. From that point on there were scraps of fabrics from which to create amazing patterns. Here is such an example.

There are 16 different fabrics making up the Star with a whole cloth light peach Chintz backing and the incredible floral chintz emanating out from the star. There are numerous hand painted block prints and copper plate chintz. Most of the fabrics are visually this I mean I feel peaceful while being captivated by the quality and design of these fabrics. While at the same time this quilt is stunningly graphic! What a captivating Textile for your great room...or for a guest room bed fit for a museum. This is a museum quality quilt!

Naturally, due to the age, all dyes are vegetable or plant based. Fabrics would have been approximately 12" to 18" selvedge to selvedge and could easily have cost $6 a yard. Mind boggling in respect to the dollar today.

The diamonds have 2-1/2 inch sides with 1,368 diamonds making up the pieced Blazing Star. This is a quilt that looks as if never used and packed away for 200 years only to resurface to be loved and appreciated today.