CONWR1 Sampler Quilt with Provenance

84 x 91 inches

Original sampler quilts are truly one of a kind as each one, as stated, is original. This quilt comes directly from the family and as a result, I have family names and locations.

This special quilt was begun in the 1880s with the creation of 72 nine-inch designs. The only repeat design that I can see on this entire quilt is that there are two blocks in the Schoolhouse pattern. We have every technique shown from piecework to applique to embellishment to abstract. This wonderful sampler quilt seems to have it all.

The sashing is actually from 1870s. Was this a special piece the quilter had leftover that she wanted to use? The bulk of the fabric is from the 1880s. I am wondering about some of the designs: one is a middle eastern tent with Arabic symbols. Did the family travel to the Middle East? Two Schoolhouse blocks: was someone a teacher? We even have an 1880s wonderful cheater cloth. Cheater cloth is printed to look like a quilt, but is actually a printed piece of fabric.

The piecing work is absolutely perfect. The applique work is perfect. The design is perfect. The creator finished this massive undertaking in the 1890s. I know this because the wholecloth backing is an 1890s fabric. I am asumning that this very artistic woman did not like to quilt. As a result this quilt is tied. To me this quilt emulates happiness. I am therefor deducing that the creator of this magnificent textile was a very happy and creative woman. This special quilt appears to have hardly been used, though it was used at least one time, because there is one place on the outside edge that shows a stain from a 1800s medicine. We can restore this piece if desired.

Measuring a generous 84" X 91", this quilt would fit a queen sized bed or even the top and slightly over the edges of a king sized bed. Better still, what a wonderful piece of stunning original folk art for a wall. Photographs will not do this piece justice. I always send on approval, so please call or email, and I am happy to send it out, with free shipping, for your at home approval.