CQ402 Miniature Schoolhouse Quilt Top

23 x 31 inches

This delightful miniature Schoolhouse Quilt top was made during the 1880's. This is exactly the way I found the quilt. Someone backed it ..I believe during the 1980's with a tea dyed muslin backing.

The adorable Schoolhouse blocks measure 5-1/2" square and are pieced from solid black and an off white. The joining blocks measure 5-1/2 " square and are a wonderful c.1880's light maroon calico. Edging is a 5/8" also in a solid black. The edging is finished with pillowcase edge. Piecing was machine executed.

A delightful little piece with many possible places to go in one's home. Please ask for this quilt to be sent to your home, with free shipping, for your approval.