DQ400 Bricks Doll Quilt
15 x 24 inches
New York

Iā€™m calling this a "Preppy" Doll Quilt due to the huge variety of shirting fabrics, many of which have been copied today. This diminutive quilt consists of dozens of 1-1/4 x 2-1/4ā€ brick shapes. Completely pieced by hand with a few straight line quilting rows which measure approximately 3-1/2ā€ apart. The backing fabric is a wonderful 1920ā€™s indigo and white gingham. The binding fabric is a pink stripe that has been machine applied. The tiny doll's quilt has the feeling of being very cuddly. This quilt has now been organically hand washed and is ready to be sent out for your approval. There are two minuscule pin holes on the fabric in this completely origional doll's quilt. If desired we can restore these 2 "bricks".