DQ401 Double-Sided Cotton Flannel Doll Quilt
17 x 22 inches
New York

What fun! A double sided cotton flannel doll’s quilt. This happy little piece measures apx 17 x 22" and comes from New York. One side of this little quilt is made up of 9 patch blocks of various flannels. The outside border has a 2” red Scottish plaid pieced border. The squares measure 2-1/4”, as do the squares in the sashing. The other side of this little quilt is made up of 80 ...2-1/4” squares. The squares around the outside edge are a red flannel with the same Scottish plaid corner blocks as seen on the other side. Both hand and machine pieced, this little quilt has been quilted with diagonal machine quilting. I just discovered that only one side of this little quilt was machine quilted, leading credence to the fact that the front and the back were put together from a previous quilt.

Bound with a 1/8” red cotton binding and treadle machine applied. This doll's quilt was a work in progress and finished for a loving child. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.