DQ404 Four Patch on Point/Poster Doll Quilt

16-1/2" x 16-1/2" plus tail 4" x 8-1/2"

Very possibly one of the earliest known doll quilts. Quilts that are made for a poster bed were only made in New England..thrifty New Englanders ...Why waste the extra valuable fabric when part would need to be tucked in and not even seen! This style is what a Mother wanted her little girl to have...one, in the style of Mom's.

The Four Patch pattern is one of the earliest pieced patterns...this one on point. Blocks measure 3" square.

Pre-1850 New England quilts usually had linen as a backing...as does this little treasure. Naturally all work was executed by hand as this small quilt was made around 50 years before the sewing machine was in public use. Fabric such as used here was so expensive that only the "comfortable" could afford it. Clues such as this gives us a hint as to the type of family from which it came. We even have a fabric that is a hand painted block print! There is a separately applied 1/4" binding in a different calico. Obviously the piecing was done by a loving adult, however if you look at the back it may be that the little girl did the quilting on her treasured doll quilt.

I have organically hand washed this little quilt. This quilt is not perfect as I have tried to show in the pictures. To me this does not detract from the almost 230 year old little girl's doll quilt, but shows that it was truly loved.

May be sent on approval, with free shipping...in a very tiny box!