F403 Double Nine Patch Fragment

c. 1880
28 x 56 inches
Chester County, PA

When buying a small quilt, a crib, a doll, or a wall hanging, I feel it is important to know whether the quilt is original size or has been cut down from a larger piece. These pieces would be of different monetary value. The double 9 patch red and white quilt we have cut down from a larger piece. The reason I know it is 1880 is because of the dye. I had the quilt hanging in the window and the red faded. Real turkey red would not do this, it's the early aniline dyes that were not permanent. This is a part of the quilt that was not subjected to sun and therefore it did not fade. It has four complete borders and none of this has been restored. The 3/8 binding was created from fabric from the original quilt. The piece is in perfect and unused condition, but it is a fragment, not the original size. We are showing more than one pic of this quilt because it can be hung either vertically or horizontally, making a perfect wall hanging for your home. Organically hand washed and ready for your at home viewing.