F605a Variable Star with Center Square Fragment
25 x 30 inches
New England

Comprised of 12 9x9” blocks, this wonderful little fragment dates from c.1835. The backing of this little wall hanging or table topper dates from the late 18th century and is a minuscule brown and black stripe with a black calico print. Naturally this quilt was created by hand, as it was made many years before the use of the sewing machine. Every other block in this quilt is a pieced LeMoyne Star variation with a center square. The alternating blocks were created from a small red and white gingham fabric created during the early part of the 19th century. This quilt fragment was taken from a huge four post quilt. Four post quilts were only made in New England resulting in proof of where it was created. A four post bed quilt has the bottom corners cut out to go around the posts forming a T shape. This quilt fragment is an easy size to become art for your wall. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.