F606 Oak Leaf Fragments (four of them)
A. 53 x 14 inches: $525
B. 102 x 14 inches: $850
C. 71 x 14 inches: $625
D. 72 x 14 inches: $625
New England

These origional condition quilt fragments are origionally from a four poster quilt. This quilt was created using an appliqued original Oak Leaf and Wave design with this indigo block print calico onto a white backing. These amazing pieces were the side drop on an early 1815 four post quilt and are in perfect condition. I am surmising that someone cut off three overhanging drops of this quilt to make it fit a particular sized bed from the 20th century. I cannot imagine who would taken a scissors to this early quilt. However, as a result we have some amazing Indigo and white quilt fragments. I’ve finished the strips in different sizes to accommodate various size walls. These fragments can be used together or separately. We have bound the unfinished edges so the newly bound edge matches the original bottom binding of the quilt. Hand appliquéd, outline quilted and diagonal cross hatch quilting fills the open white spaces. As a result that the oak leaves are not quilted, they have a dimensional look. I believe the origional quilt came from NY. Organically washed and ready to be sent for your approval.....one or more