F784_F785 Quilt Fragments

25-1/2 x 25-1/2 inches
25 x 25 inches
$400 and $425

Shown here are two fragments which are actually a pair of fragments taken from a much larger quilt. Created during the 19th century and quintessential Pennsylvania. The backing is a gorgeous 1875 design. One fragment measures 25-1/2" x 25-1/2" and is $400. The other one measures 25" x 27" and is $425.
I am dating these mid-19th century. The colors are chrome orange, a deep rich cobalt blue and a coffe color brown. The little quilts were in perfect condition when we cut them down as fragments. In addition we used the original fabric of the binding to create the 2 sides binding of these two little pieces that were unbound. I see that one of the origional sides has a few tears on the binding so I have priced it lower.
The quilting is wonderful and is executed in an approximately one and a half inch diagonal grid. The applique stitching is teeny-weeny. The hearts indicate that this quilt was a wedding present. There are five hearts on each piece in the center of which I believe are folk art pineapples.
Having organically hand washed these quilts they are now ready to be sent for your in-home approval.
ff701 and ff702