F793 Star of Bethlehem Finished Fragment

25 x 35 inches

The full quilt was originally a wedding gift. We know that because of the heart in the middle of the Folk Art Leaf. Parts of this quilt were not usable and as a result we have made a small artistic little quilt, rebound with original same date fabric. Created using solid fabrics, and from Lancaster, PA, this textile maybe Amish. The colors of this quilt are a Royal Blue, Chrome Orange and 2 shades of brown..one for the triangles, one for the large area.

All pieces are machine pieced ..all quilting and applique work has been executed by hand. Both characteristics are typical of Amish quilt work. The diamonds are outline quilted, the large areas are crosshatched on the diagonal in a 1" grid. The sides of the diamonds measure 2"...the Folk Art leaf measures apx. 6" X 9". There is a separately applied 3/8" binding of the same date fabric.

What a wonderful present for someone you love.

In unused condition and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.