New England Penny Rug

24-1/2 x 38 inches
New England

This is a variation on a penny rug, created in New England from felted wool and wool yarn, measuring approximately 38 by 24-1/2 inches. The penny rug was a sewing method taught to children at an early age to teach the buttonhole stitch and applique technique. It was easier for the child's tiny fingers to execute the stitching because the pieces were larger and therefore easier for them to grip. I am unable to tell if this is made by a child or an adult. This Penny rug is in complete original condition with embroidery in the center. There are a couple of little snags that we can restore if desired but at this point it is simply character. The very heavy weight cotton backing is treadle machine stitched onto a front foundation fabric.
This Penny Rug is ready to be shipped to you for your in-home approval.