Q1296 Embroidered birds

c.193Embroidered birds0
82 x 82 inches

The stencils for these birds were created by a women whose name I can’t remember. Do you know? If you know her name please email me. I have many embroidery books, and I know I have hers, but it eludes me at the moment. The embroidered blocks measure 8 inches square and are all on point. The joining blocks are a raspberry pink. There are three connected 4-1/2 inch borders all around the outside of the quilt. First raspberry pink, then white, then raspberry pink again, ending with a 3/8 inch white applied binding. All blocks and strips are pieced by machine. The hand quilting is beautifully done. Nice, neat and straight quilting with wreath variations. The cross-hatching on the border is 2 inches apart. The quilt appears to be unused. This 82 x 82 inch quilt will fit a twin, double or queen size bed. Hand washed by Betsey and ready for its new home.