Q6101 Triple Irish Chain

74 x 84 inches
Pennsylvanis or Ohio

Beautifully constructed and unused...I am the first person to wash this 160 year old quilt! Created from Madder red and an overdyed green calico fabric along with white, this quilt is a stunning addition to your bedroom or as a piece of art for your wall. The limited but unusual colors add to the treasure. The fact that these must have been purchased fabrics tells us that the family was on comfortable means. Was this unused quilt a present and therefore too special to use? Here we are over a century later now given the ability to enjoy this graphically wonderful quilt.
The squares making up the "chain" have 1-1/2" sides..with the squares measuring 7-1/2"... each individual little square is outline quilted inside and the outer row on the outside. The white joining areas are quilted with a floral motif. The binding is 1/4" turned from the back to front and then hand stitched down.
In perfect unused condition, organically washed, now ready to be sent at no charge for your in home approval.