Q6144 Log Cabin Straight Furrows
56 x 62 (142.2 x 157.5 cm)

What a feast for fabric lovers! An incredible array of fabrics dating from 1870 - 80 make this antique hand made quilt special. The Log Cabin Straight Furrows pattern originated in England and was created to emulate rows of crops in the field. In America we have used and developed this pattern to the extent that most think it originated here.

Cabin blocks measure 5 x 5 inches with the logs a tiny 5/8 inch wide. Made from cotton and reversed tied this quilt is backed with a lovely black, gray and white cotton calico and has a ¼ inch applied binding in the same maroon calico as used in the chimneys – lovely!

In this piece the feeling of structure and order common to most log cabins is found along with a delightful freshness and vitality from the amazing variety of colors and patterns in the fabrics the quilter chose.