Q6221 Gothic Four Square Tulips Quilt
68 x 84
Pennsylvania Dutch

The four square design in an antique quilt is usually reminiscent of the second quarter of the 19th century. However I feel that this very graphic Penn. Dutch quilt was made approximately circa 1870. I came to this conclusion from the white fabric used. The appliqued work executed on this quilt is absolutely perfect. The stitches are so minuscule you can hardly see them. The chrome orange, red and pale teal are colors much in demand in today's designs. There is cross hatched quilting on the diagonal executed in a 1 inch grid that has been stitched using perfectly symmetrical, small stitches. The binding is created from a half inch tape binding applied by machine.

This quilt appears to be unused, and is now organically washed and ready to be sent on approval as an exquisitely graphic wall hanging or an amazing quilt for your bed.