Q6310 Cat & Sailor Cheater Cloth Crib Quilt
A wonderful little quilt using two terrific cheater cloth fabrics from c.1880. The center red, ecru and ivory fabric has images of sailors and their sweethearts on the decks of ships within each four pointed star. Although it looks pieced, it is wholecloth fabric giving the illusion of pieced work, thus the name 'cheater' cloth.
35 x 41 (89 x 104 cm)

Borders measuring 8 inches wide on each side are in another cheater cloth design - whimsical cats framed by 'pieced' borders. A unique and rare piece in original condition this little quilt is backed in off white linen and has some 'original' weaves in the backing fabric done long ago. The 3/8 inch binding is in a pale gray, red and white calico and is topstitched by treadle machine. There are a few areas where the backing has come away from the stitching which we haven't touched

Original cotton ties are knotted on the front side. Used but lovingly cared for and in wonderful original condition. Professionally hand washed by Betsey, it can be sent on approval for private viewing in your home.