Q6404 Rose Applique Quilt

72 x 88 inches
New England
Original Price: $1,100
Sale Price: $650

Because of the large dimensions and the fact that this quilt can be used in either direction, it will fit a single, double or queen size bed. Completely appliquéd and quilted by hand with a pillowcase, slightly scalloped edging, also finished by hand. An exquisite center medallion has been executed on this quilt. To obtain a kit quilt, someone would send away to one of the cotton batting manufacturers and purchase a pre-stamped top, a backing and all the pieces to execute a beautiful quilt. Usually but not always, these kits were appliqué kit quilts. I’m not sure if this quilt was never used, but it was certainly hardly used. When one looks closely, one can still see the blue dots to follow for quilting. There is an alluring array of quilting patterns seen on this piece. Some include wreaths, other wreaths circling the quilt and quilting that mirrors the bows. Nicely executed, and as a crowning touch, todays colors are seen here. Coming from New England, professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready for a new home.