Q6441 Ocean Waves Quilt

c. 1925
68 x 70 inches

Wow...It is so amazing when one sees such a powerfully graphic antique quilt as wall art. Here is one such example...In addition this quilt would be stunning on a bed!

The Ocean Wave quilt pattern originated on the East Coast of America and migrated West with Eastern transplants. This Ocean Wave quilt was created in Illinois from dozens of different c.1900 to c.1928 calicoes. The triangles that make up the pattern measure 2"x2"x3". Majority of the triangles appear to be of one or another shade of blue. Due to the design of this pattern the center joining block is on point. Here the fabric used is a very pleasing shade of peach. The finishing edge is a 1/2" red and white applied polkadot fabric.

Entirely hand piece and hand quilted in 1-1/2" grid in the joining blocks, with one side of each triangle quilted, the effect is that of optical illusion ...first I see the Ocean Wave pattern ..then I see the peach joining blocks....to my eyes the effect is visually wonderful.

This quilt is registered with the Illinois Quilt Documentation Project. In perfect condition, but soft in feel from being used, this quilt has been organically washed by Betsey and is ready to be sent for your in home approval....quilts are always sent free of charge...