Q6442 Checkerboard Irish Chain Quilt

c. 1845
72 x 86 inches
Indiana Quaker Family

Stunning! Graphically wonderful! Wow...Yes, I feel like this quilt is one amazing piece of art. Created circa 1845 by a Quaker family, this quilt is completely hand pieced and hand quilted. Chrome yellow, a very early block print indigo dyed calico, and a two color rose and wine red cotton moire are the three fabrics used in the creation of this truly amazing textile. Blocks measuring 2-3/8 inch are hand pieced to create the Irish Chain pattern. These squares alternate between chrome yellow and an early indigo blue with white calico.

This quilt was bound later, as there is a different mid-19th century indigo and white calico used for the binding. The individual squares are double cross hatched on the diagonal. The open spaces are diagonally cross hatched in a 1-1/2 inch grid. There is a stunning 2-1/2 inch border created with a half inch zigzag design in chrome yellow, making a stunning border that I have never seen before. The backing, as in most quilts of this age, is linen. The color of the quilting thread can be seen on the back, in two colors, taupe and white.

This quilt has been documented by the Indiana quilt registry project for which I have the archival number. This is a mint quilt, never washed and never used. Rarely do I find a mint quilt that I choose to sell as is, however, this one is impeccably clean and ready to be sent on approval.