Q6846 (BTG70)Log Cabin Courthouse Steps Quilt

58 x 58 inches

Each and every Log Cabin quilt has its own personality. This Log Cabin quilt is called Courthouse Steps and measures 58 x 58 inches. A wonderful size for a wall hanging that can fit many places in your home. It may be an unused child's quilt. Comprised of very, very expensive wool challis, it dates from approximately 1865, and is in fabulous condition. Actually, I only see one tiny moth hole. The backing of this quilt is a very, very early block print brown fabric which can be viewed on the closeup. Each quilt block measures approximately 8 inches square. The logs vary in size, and are approximately 7/8 of an inch in width. The center chimneys are red, symbolizing the hearth of a home, and measure 1-1/4 x 1-1/2 inches. This quilt is a little bit whimsical as all the logs are not perfectly straight and the center squares can be a little different from one another. The quilt definitely has character. The fabrics are absolutely exquisite. We have lots of indigoes and reds and different shades of blues and plaids and stripes. The earliest fabric that I see on this quilt is about 1825. The binding is a hand applied 1/4 inch blue wool. There are already sleeves on this quilt, making it ready to hang in a curatorially correct manner.
Just stunning, in perfect unused condition, and ready to be sent for your in-home approval.