Q6957 Red White and Blue Drunkard's Path

78 x 84 inches
Believed to be from Pennsylvania

A c.1895 very rare and unusual rendition of the Drunkard’s Path pattern. A very popular pattern with quilters who were against consuming liquor. This pristine quilt is comprised of 20 blocks, each measuring 12” square and all joined by strips of white with red dot 3-1/2” sashing. The backing is a very similar whole cloth fabric creating a reversible quilt. Another fabric used in the construction of the block is an indigo calico. The 1/4” binding is turned over from the back and finished by hand. All blocks are pieced by hand then joined to the sashing by machine and finished with hand quilting. This mint condition quilt certainly fits a description of patriotic. Around two sides of the outer edge of there is a 6-1/2” border. The fabric on the other two sides is a red with white polka dots. I am happy to send this mint condition quilt for your viewing and approval.