Q7001 Railroad Crossing with 9 Patch

74 x 76 inches
Erie, Pennsylvania

This graphic Turkey Red and white quilt has been pieced by machine and quilted by hand. Created with c.1865 Turkey red, the most popular fabric for affluent women between 1835 and 1865. A two color quilt is the easiest to become part of ones home....this quilt is simply Turkey Red and white cotton. I believe that this quilt may have been made at a later date because the quilt was machine pieced. Coming from Erie, the symbolism of the quilt may be related to the maker's husband’s work on the railroad. Created with apx 14” square blocks with the blocks joined with a 5-1/2” sashing. The binding was created by turning the back fabric to the front and machine stitching the fabric down. The quilting design indicates to me that this quilt was made later than the fabric which is pre 1865 Also appearing is that this fabric was previously used, which is indicated by the white striations on the red..only caused by wear. This clue added to the fact that the quilt was hardly used.