Q7066 Dresden Plate

80 x 96 inches

The Dresden Plate pattern was one of the three most popular patterns during the depression era. It is a pattern loved by many and treasured to the extent that many were not used and have survived in perfect condition. This is one such quilt. It’s rare to find a Depression era quilt created from solid color fabrics. Most of the quilts from this era were scrap bag quilts. This quilt is one created from purchased fabrics. It has never been used. It could have been made for a cherished family member, a wedding present or friend who may have moved away. The blocks measure 16-3/4” square, the binding is 1/4” and the long spokes measure 4-1/2” in length. The center circle of the plate has a 3-1/2” diameter. It’s unusual that this quilt pattern is finished with scalloped edges. Such edges are seen on the Double Wedding Ring pattern. Because of the size, this quilt can easily fit a queen size bed. The background fabric is slightly off-white. It is in perfect, unused condition. The solid fabrics go well with most decors.