Q8131 Steeplechase

78 x 78 inches

The Steeplechase pattern was rarely created...the Irish Chain was much more prevalent. This exquisite rendition of the Steeplechase design is comprised of two fabrics. A "yummy" salmon pink miniature plaid, and white.
There are hundreds of 1-1/4" squares on point. These squares combined with hundreds of 1-1/4" white squares have created a very sophisticated, yet simple in design, graphic quilt. There is a double border..the inner most border is the salmon/plaid fabric measuring 2", the outer border of white measures apx. 4". The tiny salmon/pink plaid measures 1/4". The piecing is machine done...the quilting is exquisitely executed with tiny even stitches.
The white areas of this textile art are beautifully quilted using the medallion design....the inner part of the medallion is quilted in a crosshatch design..around the medallion are quilted overlapping petals. The borders have garland quilting designs with diagonal quilting overlapping onto the squares.
In unused condition, now organically washed and ready to be sent for your viewing and approval.